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I’m a vocalist for Newage and Crossover genre and also I’m a musical composer and arranger.I’m a man but I sing a song with color of soprano woman voice and sing a song with abstract word not common language like English, Korean and French.

Since I have debuted in 2006 through my first album on the stage of Korea, until now, I’ve worked and completed additional 8 personal albums. And I started focusing on releasing music albums towards worldwide beyond Korea since 2015.

Firstly, 2016, the album worked with Michael Hoppe titled “Heaven and Earth” was released, Secondly, the album “Songs of Ennio Morricone” was release freely(not commercial), that is recorded my voices based on Ennio Morricone’s beautiful music.


The musical subject coming from my persue is freedom, travel, benevolence and peace. In order to express them, I use warm and abundant harmony, and mysterious vocal.


With abstract terms, I sing the mysteries of life, love that shakes us up and disappears, nature which is sometimes warm and sometimes cold for us, and attention to lonely people who are having a tough time. I want to visit the place where wounded souls are sleeping and sing a heartwarming and comforting song for them. Even though our life is tough, it is also mysterious and fascinating because it is filled with unknown things.We hope that we can be newly born again with these songs we can cry or laugh together. [Tranlasted by Hannah Yoo]